Cik Na Familia!

just my cousin and her happy family...

Extended Exposure

antara shots bokeh terbaik yang wa amik, bukan sebab mamat ni hensem dan bukan juga sebab wa lagi hensem dari mamat ni, just happen to be a good shot, that's all. hahahaha


Gibraltar, awesome place. not to mention people with awesome spanglish accent, hahahaha


Summer BBQ at Peak district, lots of beautiful chicks, no I mean beautiful shots. yup, definitely beautiful..urr shots.

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Plymouth, Devon and FUIYO!

Went to Plymouth [pronounce; Pli, moth] the other day, for about a motherly 6 days. this is one of my longest time away from home, after the trip to Spain last year. Putting that aside, the reason why I am needed in Plymouth, or Devon to be exact  is because I am involved with an annually Winter gathering organize by ILuvIslam. becoming a volunteer for such event really put me (a self proclaimed PHOTOGRAPHER) in a difficult position. It is a nice place, is what I want to say but that wont do the justice, so I would prefer it to be called as a superbly heaven and if you have a classic British country environment in mind I will say that your are not being delusive, it is real. hahaha. Like I said before, becoming a volunteer is my first biggest mistake, the second is becoming volunteer in the kitchen. Preparing foods for the participants did not allow me take lots of picture, so just suck it up. hahaha


And here is my kitchen crew.

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